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The Jewish people have always balanced respect for tradition with independent and disruptive thinking. But where exactly can a modern Jew go to explore their rich heritage?

Aish New York

Aish New York is proud to offer seminars, classes, concerts, customized home-based study groups, individualized study sessions with our expert educators, catered Shabbat dinners, High Holiday services, and more. Click below to see a sampling of our past and upcoming events.

Aish New York’s Jewish Wisdom Society is a community of professionals and philanthropists who recognize the profound impact Jewish ideas have had upon human civilization.

JWS members study regularly with us, and support Aish’s mission to create dynamic and relatable opportunities for everyone to benefit from Jewish wisdom.

Clean Speech NYC is a 30 day community-wide educational campaign to unite us in the practice of mindful speech. Words have tremendous power.

By choosing our words carefully and speaking with intention we can build a more positive, respectful, and peaceful society.

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