Sample Curriculum:

Torah Study: The Five Books of Moses

Since we believe the Torah is the blueprint for the world, its study is the foundation for the entirety of Judaism. Learn at your own pace and choose your overall approach.

Jewish Ethics

Explore how Judaism informs directly on how we should conduct our personal & professional lives.

Basic Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism

This series addresses the definition of Kabbalah, its authenticity, and how this hidden wisdom offers tremendous depth and opportunity for personal and spiritual development.

Jewish Philosophy

Tackle important, yet fundamental Jewish beliefs that you’ve always questioned. The answers will inspire you to learn more.


This series is an introduction to the Jewish calendar and Jewish Life-cycle.

Free Swim

This offering may serve as a potential starting point to explore the larger curriculum in part or in whole. Topics include Science & Torah, Love, Marriage, & Relationships, Witchcraft, and Holocaust Studies.