Our one-on-one, Executive Learning Program (ELP), brings together Jewish professionals of any level of observance and a rabbi in a comfortable and convenient setting. Much like a personal trainer, you’ll meet with a learned rabbi, at a time a place convenient for you, who will engage, connect and enrich your knowledge of Jewish thought, Jewish ethics, Kabbalah, Jewish philosophy, Torah, Talmud, spirituality, improving your relationships or marriages, business ethics or just finding a better way of living… or any Jewish subject of your choice.

Discussions, idea-sharing, questioning, and challenging are all encouraged. Whether you seek to connect to our rich history or to channel this ancient wisdom into your daily life, this personalized learning initiative will be a valuable asset to you and your family.

Your place. Your time. Your Judaism.

Why Should I Join ELP?

Because you’ll love it.  Our rabbis (who will meet you when and where you want) have one foot in the secular world and one in the spiritual. We can discuss marriage, relating to your children, current events, business ethics, Kabbalah or Led Zeppelin – whatever works for you.  Many of our folks who first give it a try ask “why didn’t anyone teach me how relevant and useful Jewish wisdom is in our lives today?!”

But I Already Belong to a Temple/Synagogue

That’s great. This personalized experience is the perfect complement to your synagogue membership.  We don’t offer services and we’re not pulpit rabbis. We will help you maximize your enjoyment of the services that you do attend by explaining things like: What’s the purpose of prayer to begin with?  Why do we blow the Shofar or fast on Yom Kippur?  What’s the point of all the Hebrew?  Watch out, we bet you just might start enjoying being in shul.

I Just Don’t Have Time

We understand that – who does? But we kinda do for things that matter – and we humbly submit that learning with us matters much more than you think. We can help you have a much better marriage, understand big ideas like the meaning of life and death and your place and purpose in the world and be more successful and happy in business.  Would that be worth making time for?

Why ELP?

HenrySiegel_300x300 “ELP is FANTASTIC! It allows me to step outside of my day-to-day and go into this other spiritual realm where I can study and learn meaningful things. It allows me to have special time with my wife to grow and expand as people.”

Managing Director, Trivergance

VickiEisner_300x300b“I look forward to my weekly ELP meetings, because they have helped me to see how applicable the Torah is to everyday life. Studying with Aish New York has revitalized my interest in and appreciation for Judaism.”

Founder, Downtown Pediatrics

DavidRosenberg_300x300“I came to Aish New York wanting to have more of a relationship with God. Not only did I get a foundation, or learn about what it means to be Jewish, I’m also learning what it means to be a good person.”

CEO, Ladenburg Thalmann & Co.

JoeEisner_300x300b“ELP has allowed me to better define my own purpose on this planet. Even though we have only just finished Genesis, I am now seeing the Torah’s messages can positively effect how we lead our daily lives.”

Owner, Eisner Design LLC

DonWinter_300x300“I thoroughly enjoy the Executive Learning Program. I find it to be the best part of my week. It really gives me a chance to disengage from my day-to- day responsibilities and find that one hour of spiritual connection and try to expand my knowledge on what it really means to be a Jew.”

CEO, Encompass Media Group

TaliaSiegel_300x300“ELP is wonderful because it allows me to learn about my religion, and expand my mind. Learning together with my husband allows us to connect on an intellectually deeper level.”

Partner, GS Law Partners

StevenBram_300x300“Now that I’m learning with the Aish New York’s Executive Learning Program, I’m fascinated by what the Torah says. This program has deepened my level of what it means to be a Jew.”

Film Maker



Center’s Youth Learning Program (YLP) is an engaging, content­rich and fun enhancement to the traditional Hebrew School experience. Through a series of sessions with a learned (yet relatable and friendly) Rabbi, your child will come to better understand and value Jewish learning ­ both in preparation for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and for living in general. (read more…)


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