Dinner, DNA and the Story of You


Join the Aish Center for an early summer fund-raising event where you will walk away with one of life’s greatest commodities – a newfound understanding of yourself. We are partnering with the genetic ancestry service “23andMe” for a unique exploration of your own DNA and where it comes from. We’ll learn about the Genomics business, the great Jewish migrations across the Middle East and Europe and the uncanny, incredible story of survival and achievement of the Jewish Nation.

* Each participant will walk away with a genetic testing kit that gives you an overview of the diverse group of people who share your DNA, shows how your DNA breaks out across our 31 populations worldwide and traces parts of your ancestry to a specific group of individuals from 1,000+ years ago.

Jeffrey Rosenfeld | Genome Expert
Rabbi Yosef Rosen | Historian

Buffet dinner and cocktails will be served.

Don’t miss this one of a kind experience!

When | Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 7:00pm
Where | 600 West End Avenue, Apt 9D, (W 89th-W 90th Streets), New York, NY 10024
Cost | $250 per person including genetic kit ($100 tax deductible) or $150 without genetic kit ($100 tax deductible), pre-registration is required.
Space is limited – first come first serve.

Jeffrey Rosenfeld is a genome scientist with expertise in all areas of bioinformatics with over 14 years in the field. His experience includes GWAS and expression microarrays, Chip-seq, epigenetics, RNA-seq, transcription factor binding sites, phylogenetics, de novo sequencing and genome re-sequencing.

A Connecticut native, Rabbi Yosef Rosen graduated from Cornell University and worked for the Department of Justice before completing rabbinical school at Yeshiva University. There, he also received a master’s degree in medieval Jewish history. Rabbi Rosen sits on Columbia University’s ethical review board which supervises its animal research.


For more info call 212.579.1388 or email info@aishcenter.com