The Aish Center’s Youth Learning Program (YLP) is an engaging, content-­rich and fun enhancement to the traditional Hebrew School experience. Through a series of sessions with a learned (yet relatable and friendly) Rabbi, your child will come to better understand and value Jewish learning ­ both in preparation for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and for living in general. The sessions are flexibly designed to accommodate the busy schedules of a NYC family. As such, we come to your home, at the time of your choosing. We can even do the program remotely through Skype, Facetime or Zoom. It’s an invaluable investment in your child’s future.

Option 1: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep (3 one hour sessions)

This program is designed to work in conjunction with the general preparations that your child makes as a student in a traditional Hebrew School program. It provides personalized assistance in putting together a great speech, drawing out more meaning from the ceremony and your child’s Torah Portion itself and applying those ideas to the child’s day­to­day life. If desired, parents can participate in a session that explores the themes and customs of the day and mines the meaning inherent in them. We can also created a customized program on any series of topics (including exploring mitzvah project ideas) and of any duration.

1. Understanding What it Means to be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Using the Experience to Become More Successful in Life
2. Learn the Meaning of the Torah Portion
3. Speech-crafting Your Torah Portion

Ages: 10­-13
Location: In person or online 
Cost: $800

Option 2: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep + Jewish Connection Series (7 one hour Sessions)

  1.-3.  Same as Option 1
4.  Honoring Your Parents
5.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons For Building Self-Esteem
6.  Finding Your Moral Compass
7.  Building Successful Relationships


Ages: 10­-13
Location: In person or online 
Cost: $1800

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